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Amanda Lacey is one of London’s most celebrated skincare therapists and her finely crafted products are a testament to her considerable expertise. Sourcing the finest ingredients from around the world and embracing a gentle approach, she champions the use of natural oils, believing them to be sympathetic to, and calming to the skin.

The products are a pleasure to use: with light but nourishing textures, potent levels of plant extracts and fragranced only by natural essential oils, the result is a truly sensorial experience. Intrinsic to the British beauty scene and renowned for her honest and down to earth approach: Amanda literally bottled her expertise when launching her range nearly ten years ago.

These products have become beauty paradigms and are regarded as “must haves” by those in the know. The range has been further enhanced by the creation of scents that seem to distill and capture the very essence of the places that inspired them (Provence, Florence and Sicily).

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For all facial treatments and all enquiries please contact us through info@amandalacey.com

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In the age of cosmetic surgery and invasive treatments, Amanda Lacey skincare is a cherished gentle respite, packed with subtle ingredients that delight whilst being highly effective. Amanda’s philosophy for ideal skin is one that is naturally radiant, glowing with health and youthfulness.

Based in Chelsea, Amanda’s healing hands and twenty years of expertise developed through practise have earned her a dedicated following amongst women from all over the world.

Acclaimed in the international beauty press and esteemed by clients who simply wish to have beautiful skin, Amanda lacey embodies the apogee of skincare. For those wanting solutions to problem skin or with serious anti-ageing concerns Amanda works closely in conjunction with a select network of medical experts to ensure all her clients needs are met.

amanda lacey skincare fragrance luxury beauty facialist cleansing products facials press feature