About Amanda Lacey

Skincare innovator Amanda Lacey is a true visionary. Her individual and highly creative style can be seen in every aspect of her life and work; from the sensuous textures of her skincare balms, to the soothing elegance of her private atelier, Amanda’s singular creative vision shines through. Over twenty years Amanda has built on exceptional experience to create a style and method that is entirely her own.


“Having had Amanda Lacey as your regular facialist over the years must now be like waking up to find your best friend has become the world’s number-one film star” – British Vogue

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“Your skin is the largest organ of your body,” says Lacey. “To me it’s like an artist’s palette.”​ – Violet Grey

“Skincare is like Lego,” says facialist Amanda Lacey. “You can add elements, but the core building blocks are always the same.”

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“There is something about the smell and texture of this product and its pure white jar that makes my senses soar” – The Sunday Times Style

Amanda Lacey attracts an international clientelle and a dedicated following in the U.K. Many of the faces Amanda is called upon to work her gentle magic are well known from screen and magazine. An enigmatic and influential figure on the British beauty scene, Amanda also has a unique reputation with beauty editors worldwide who have placed her products and facials on the luxury “must have”.